Gary Mallaber and WDO

Things are moving and shaking at WCOM-LP 103.5 FM Chapel Hill / Carrboro NC.  The 100-Watt wonder community radio station had a wonderful evening with the Weekly Dose Of … and High Lonesome DJ’s Kershaw, Wade, and Grateful Dave, and their wives as guests of Mr. Gary Mallaber.  Gary was in town with the AJ Croce “Croce plays Croce” tour in Durham.  The show Wednesday evening Jan 31st 2024 at the Carolina Theater was amazing and all that much better as guests of Gary.   For those of you that know, Gary has been featured on a recurring Weekly Dose Of … (Friday’s 6-9 PM Est.) Legends of the Groove Signature Cymbal (LOTGSC) segment during the summer of 2023.   What many of you may not know though, is how significant Garys musical contributions truly are.  The soundtracks of our lives is a truthful reality.  Gary has been part of making the music many of us have listened to for almost 60 years.  His discography contributions are in the hundreds, and the hits are endless.  Some artists in Gary’s catalogue include Van Morrison, Steve Miller, Peter Frampton, Bob Segar, Eddie Money, Bruce Springsteen to name a few, and those only scratch the surface of artists he has worked with.  Gary is one of the more than 150 legendary drummers/musicians/artists whose signatures have been captured on the Legends Cymbal by Mr. F. Scott Moyer, the owner and curator of this amazing historical artifact. He has captured these musicians’ signatures since 1999 as part of his teaching young drummers/musicians about the great musicians, their “groove print”, and their mark on the music of our lives.   Weekly Dose Of … has been showcasing the legendary drummers who’ve signed the Zildjian Cymbal as part of a returning segment featuring Scott, and many other artists all brought to WCOM by Scott, and only on Weekly Dose Of ….  “And” We thank our friendship with F. Scott Moyer, which started in early 2023 when he was introduced as one of the guests on Weekly Dose Of ….

If you’re interested in knowing more about the show, and perhaps how WCOM met Scott.  Tune into Weekly Dose Of … Friday’s at 6PM – 9PM Eastern.   Tell us who Mason Wright is, and we will know you know!

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