Interested in hosting a program at WCOM?

Thanks for your interest in WCOM!   We hope to welcome you to our community of top-notch hosts.  We want to help community members of ALL persuasions and backgrounds get on the broadcast airwaves.  Spanish language and other foreign language hosts are most welcome.

Please take note:

  • Doing a show is a ONE-YEAR commitment to provide fresh content weekly either in the studio or by pre-recording per our specifications, in addition to attending the Annual Meeting in October and participating in fundraising efforts
  • We will provide the training you need to go on air
  • Before your new show goes on air, you must:
    • Develop a coherent show proposal for ProgCom approval
    • Complete training requirement
    • Sign a Host Agreement
    • Obtain an underwriter for your show or pay the underwriting fee until you find one
    • Agree with the Programming Committee on show name and time.  Take a look at our schedule and the rest of this website get a sense of current  offerings and potential times.

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