Station Leadership

Public Gallery of Carrboro Board of Directors

  • Donald Brumfield,  President, WCOM Engineering Chair
  • unfilled, Board Treasurer
  • Ted Whiteside, Board Secretary
  • Marc Lee, WCOM Program Chair
  • “Grateful Dave” Cottingham
  • Madison Ward, WCOM Community Outreach & Education chair
  • Travis Gales, WCOM Station Operations Chair
  • “Tofu Dave” Bellin, ex officio, WCOM Founding Member
  • Dan Mayer, ex officio,  ArtsCenter Director

The Board meets second Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM except for July.

Public Gallery Founding Members:  Ruffin Slater, Jacques Menache, Peg Nolan (with thanks!)

WCOM Committees


  • Marc Lee (Chair)
  • Eliza Duboise

Development (Fundraising)

  • Chair (open)
  • Ali Thomas


Station Operations (new 2021)

  • Travis Gales (Chair)

Community Outreach & Education (new 2021)

  • Madison Ward (Chair)

Event Planning & Social Media (new 2021)

  • Chair (open)