Station Leadership

WCOM Community Radio is a project of the Public Gallery of Carrboro, a non-profit organized under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code in 1997. The station is governed by a volunteer board of directors and key committees including Programming, Engineering, and Development.

Public Gallery of Carrboro Board of Directors

  • Dave Bellin, ex officio Programming Committee Chair (2017)
  • Donald Brumfield (2016-2018) Engineering Chair (2017)
  • Eliza Dubose (2017-2019), Secretary (2017), Development Committee Chair (2017)
  • Don Emmett (2016-2018), Member
  • Ernie Hood, (2014-2017), Treasurer (2017)
  • Art Menius (2016-2018), Chair (2017)
  • Dan Mayer, ex officio The ArtsCenter Director

The Board usually meets second Wednesdays of each month at 6PM except for July.

Founding Members

  • Ruffin Slater
  • Jacques Menache
  • Peg Nolan

WCOM Committees


  • Eliza Duboise¬†(Chair)
  • Bill Hendrickson
  • Don Emmett
  • Donald Brumfeld
  • Tana Hartman