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When making an underwriting payment, please email stating which show or shows are being underwritten. 

Important: Monthly underwriting donations are set for recurring payments. To manage your recurring underwriting donations, please visit the My Donation History page.

Checks may be mailed to WCOM; PO Box 475,  Carrboro, NC 27510.

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$ 250
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Donation Total: $250 One Time

Market your business or organization while supporting one of the Triangle’s three best local radio stations (Indy Week Best of the Triangle 2018), an all-volunteer station serving the community since 2004.

You have the opportunity to sponsor the entire station at three different levels and receive daily announcements or select the weekly show  that reaches the audience you want.  Because there is no commercial clutter, your message will always stand out. Your announcements will be heard and remembered by the show’s listeners, who favor those businesses supporting their favorite station.

See below for information about our partnership levels.

For more detailed information, please download the  WCOM Partnership brochure 2019

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions about underwriting for even more information

Underwriting questions can be answered here

  • Because there is no commercial clutter, your message will always stand out, while also supporting your community radio station.
  • You choose — either support the entire station and receive daily announcements across programs, or select a specific show(s) that reach your desired audience.

Individual Show: One announcement during one show each week, and your name listed on our website. ($250 per year or $20.84 per month recurring payment)

Golden Underwriter: One announcement per day ($1.37 per announcement) and your logo featured on our website. ($500 per year)

Platinum Underwriter: Two announcements per day ($1.37 per announcement), credit as sponsor of all WCOM events, and your logo featured on our website. ($1000 per year)

Station Underwriter: Six announcements per day ($0.90 per announcement),  credit as sponsor of all WCOM events, and logo with prominent placement on home page. ($2000 per year)

Also available

Short Term Underwriter: Platinum benefits for one month ($1.90 per annoucement). ($100 per month)

Day Sponsor: Four announcements on just one day ($3.00 per announcement) ($12 per day)

NB: The FCC strictly regulates underwriting content. Underwriting announcements are factual and understated, and seek to inform listeners about a service rather than induce them to purchase a product. Specific announcements must be approved by the station development chair.