“A Night of Conversation 9-22-2023”

Just another night on Weekly Dose Of …  only on WCOM-LP 103.5 FM Chapel Hill / Carrboro.  What you may ask, well simply incredible conversations (and a little music) with some amazing talents from the music industry who have contributed to the song book of our lives.  In case you missed our show, please feel free to have a listen.  You can access the recorded show at https://www.wcomfm.org/show/weekly-dose-of/.  I guarantee you may find yourself laughing aloud, and much more.  This week our guests included returning friends of WCOM, Mr. F. Scott Moyer, Richard Oliver, Prescott Niles, and a new guest Mr. Jamie Glaser.

Scott kicked off the show with us tonight, and we caught up on recent Legends of the Groove signature cymbal (LOTGSC) updates, and life updates from the west coast. The historical artifact is incredible and the linkage to the guests continues to amaze all of us.  As many of you are already aware, our guests all have associations with so many of the drummers Scott has captured (their autographs) over the last 24 years.  The cymbal is truly a historical artifact!  Thank you, Mr. F. Scott Moyer, for the gifts you’ve brought to WCOM, this show being one of them.

Richard Oliver joins us for a second time, and we truly get to delve into Richards storied career in sound/music engineering.  If you are not aware, Richard is an award-winning studio/production/sound engineer who has worked with artists like James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Wu Tang Clang, DMX and more, and a multi-grammy winner. In addition, Richard plays music, composes, and so much more.  We get up to date on his latest projects and introduced to his girlfriend and Indie film producer (Shirley Poloski) and their joint venture with native Americans.  Richard closes out his segment with a personal 9/11 story, which is a testament to who he is as a person.

Our night continued with another artist linked to the Legends of the Groove, Mr. Jamie Glaser.  Jamie has played with at least 35 of the drummers who have signed Scott Moyers Cymbal. Jamie has a storied career spanning more than 5 decades.  A guitarist, composer, writer, and more who has contributed to session work with many artists including Jean Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson, Bryan Adams, and Eric Burden to name a few.  Jamie is a professional guitarist from Long Island New York who will blow your mind with the portfolio he has created over the span of his career.  He has toured with Chick Corea, Jean Luc Ponty and others, and has a musical footprint in television, where he has contributed to shows like Seinfeld, Married with Children, and CBS Sports.  Consider listening to our stream for more incredible insight about Jamie and his passions, projects and life.

Last but not least for our evening, Mr. Prescott Niles (Bassist, The Knack and Missing Persons to name a few) returns to Weekly Dose Of … for a catch up on his current projects, his recent road trip with Missing Persons and has Bernie and I in stitches, in fact I almost spit out my water as Prescott shared a tale where he was casting himself off as a member of the Carlos Santana band on his way to the Woodstock festival in 1969.  His time getting to Woodstock, the three days, and his trip home is quite the tale.  In addition to sharing some insight to new material being released this fall Prescott updates us on his kids’ band Gateway Drugs and sticks around to close out the show.  Check out our stream for more.

Weekly Dose Of … thanks our guests, and their contributions to the song book of our lives, and more importantly for their time gifted to our show.  Tune us in for another dose of …

The show: ibiblio.org/wcom/podcast/mp3s/WeeklyDoseOf/WeeklyDoseOf-2023-09-22.mp3

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