Reach Your Clients in the Heart of Carrboro

                 Underwrite a show on WCOM,

  Chapel Hill and Carrboro’s Community Radio Station


Who are WCOM’s listeners?

The station’s signal covers an area with an estimated population of 50,000, including Southern Village, downtown Carrboro, Carrboro Plaza, UNC and much of Chapel Hill. Our online stream and podcasts are available wherever there is an internet connection. WCOM’s volunteer DJs and management generate a strong community-minded listener base.

What can I hear on WCOM?

WCOM’s programming appeals to a wide variety of listeners and includes

  • talk shows on hot topics like alternative energy, race relations and cutting-edge research
  • local news
  • music ranging from old-time to new jazz
  • more than 20 hours a week of Spanish-language programs.

How is underwriting different from advertising?

Underwriting is a way to support non-commercial, public radio stations. Underwriting announcements are factual and understated, and seek to inform listeners about a service rather than induce them to purchase a product. The cost of underwriting can be deducted either as a business expense or as a charitable donation.

How can underwriting help my business?

With WCOM’s eclectic fare, you can select the show or shows to support that reach the demographic you want, be it homeowners, artists, youth, Latinos, or another group entirely. Because there is no commercial clutter, your message will always stand out. Your announcements will be heard and remembered by the show’s listeners, who support those businesses supporting their favorite shows.

What are my underwriting options?

WCOM is seeking station underwriters as well as underwriters for each locally-produced show.

Show underwriting is available for one announcement on that show each week at the rate of $120 per year.

A variety of “station” underwriting options are available, including the WCOM “Golden Voices” and “Angel” levels. 

For $500 per year, WCOM’s Golden Voices underwriters receive one announcement per week on an individual program, as well as one announcement per day elsewhere in the program schedule.  Also, the supporter’s logo is prominently featured on WCOM’s website.

For $1000 per year, WCOM’s Angel Voices receive one announcement per week on two individual programs, as well as one announcement per day elsewhere in the program schedule. Also, the supporter’s logo is prominently featured on WCOM’s website.

What if a show I underwrite goes off the air?  The announcement will be transferred to a show with a similar audience for the remainder of the contract period.

Great! What is the next step?

You can easily and quickly sign up as an underwriter through PayPal

our online donation portal. We welcome you to get in touch by emailing the station manager or by regular mail (PO Box 339,  Carrboro, NC, 27510). Thank you for your support.