The Boy Who Would Have Loved You

“I don’t pick songs that have been overplayed on the radio,” says Rob Westerman. “Some of my selected performers are newer, like Adele, Rob Thomas, Cold Play; some are really old, (Buddy Holly, Drifters). I also feature somewhat overlooked new recordings by established artists (e.g., Leonard Cohen, Jewel, Bob Seeger, Rod Stewart).” As a songwriter/music producer, Westerman adds some of his own songs to the mix. “These are generally Second–Love or Christmas songs”. “Each hour I highlight a particular songwriter/performer with a brief summary of their lives and career followed by some of their hits”, he adds. Spotlighted musicians have included Sam Cooke, Jack Scott, Jewel, Billy Ward (Stardust), and Westerman’s daughter Corrie (Westerman Miller) Maxwell.

“I enjoy preparing and presenting my WCOM program. I’m trying to build an audience,” says Westerman. “not of old or young people, but rather of all ages, those who enjoy a variety of music that’s melodic with an upbeat groove, lyrics that are meaningful, and prominent acoustic guitars as my song selection criteria”, Rob is one of WCOM’s newest show hosts, joining the station in mid 2015. “I enjoy both the opportunity to work with music and the camaraderie with WCOM show hosts based on our mutual interests”, he says.

The title of the show and its theme song come from Westerman’s 2015 CD, The Boy Who Would Have Loved You. Rob wrote and produced 40+ songs, in his spare time, over the years; 15 of these he says, are “Are hopefully neo-classic Christmas songs”. He produced 4 CDs and has another coming in 2016. Rob’s CDs feature his daughter, Corrie, singing lead or along with him.   Corrie is a Nashville actress “in Mar/Apr 16 in the role of Velma in the musical Chicago”, Rob says. (Nashville Repertory Company) “My son, Kit, and my daughter, Jolie, also sing on our Christmas CD, It Won’t Be Christmas; we’re like the Von Trapps”.

Westerman also wrote a children’s book, The Legend of Kalikimaka. Current projects, now full-time, include a screenplay, The Christmas Auntie, and a book, A Visit From The Christmas Auntie. “I’m creating a story of Christmas for Hawaii”, he says. In process also is a music video, On The Sidewalk, about a homeless veteran.

DJ/Host Bio

Westerman, born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, UNC-CH, and Wharton, U of Pa.. His primary career was as college professor of business management (CSUS, Bucknell, UCONN, VCU, Cal Poly); secondarily he was a USNR Intelligence officer. He retired early from Cal Poly, “having left a legacy of decades of computer decision support literate students”. He became a civilian Operations Research analyst, in turn, for PACOM, STRATCOM, CENTCOM / Afghanistan, 2011; and EUCOM/USARAF, Italy, 2012-14. His personally developed centerpiece of the Theater Security Cooperation MIS, “leads joint military services global management as its System of Record through 2030”.

Underwriter: Gold Boy Music & Publication, Chapel Hill, N.C. (Rob Westerman)