The Batchelor Pad

The Batchelor News Radio Show focuses on issues ranging from sports and politics to race, society, and religion. During each hour of the two-hour timeslot, up to four guests — who may include professional athletes, politicians, White House correspondents, and religious leaders — address a different topic. “We want to enlighten, educate, and empower people. We want people to know what’s going on in everyday life,” says L.A. Batchelor. “I have my own personal beliefs — and sometimes I’ll put them out there. But I’m about getting the information out and making people ponder and think.” The Batchelor Pad Show also airs at 900/1250 ESPN radio in New Hampshire and WHBO in Tampa, Florida.

DJ/Host Bio: Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, L.A. Batchelor has lived in North Carolina off and on since 1998 and he’s been in radio for 20-plus years. He’s worked at urban R&B, jazz, rock, country, jazz, hip hop, gospel, quiet storm — and he’s done it during morning drive, mid-day, afternoon, evening, and overnight. “I’ve been all over the place,” says Batchelor. “It’s been a blessing. I love radio — it’s in my blood.”