Humor n Mistakes


A comedic comedy show with the purpose of personal growth and life positivity.  The goal is to show that everyone makes mistakes/missteps in life.


Each week we will invite a guest who has made mistakes in the past onto the show.  The guest will be people who have made a big mistake that they can now laugh at because it turned out for the best.  My co-host and I will interview/laugh with the interviewer to get to know them and their mistake story.  The guest will be in the position where they can now laugh at their mistakes as my co-host and I will be laughing and joking with the guest.  The guest will tell us how they got past whatever they were going through and allow us to make jokes. Our listeners will be t they will be ok and mistakes are a part of life.

Intended Audience Profile:

My audience is intended to be young adults who are freaking out about what to do next in life.  Hopefully this podcast will make them laugh and get them to relax a bit.  However, this podcast is for anyone who might’ve made a mistake and think they will ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hearing about people who have gone through similar crisis and made similar mistakes will be helpful to anyone.

What is the inspiration behind this show?

I have many guests already lined up.  The inspiration comes from when I went through my quarter life crisis I wanted someone to tell me I would make it through.  I can now laugh at some of the decisions I made and know that I shouldn’t have worried as much.  It would be great to get that message to other folks going through similar predicaments to know that someday  they may be able to laugh (and let others laugh) at their mistakes.

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