Audrey Layden is a voracious reader with eclectic tastes in both fiction and non-fiction and is, as well, an existential therapist in private practice in Carrboro.

Paul Nagy is managing editor of, an internet review devoted to appraisals of academic titles in the humanities and sciences. He is the founding editor of Chapel Hill Review of Books, dedicated to showcasing locally written fiction and nonfiction.

Carolina Book Beat (formerly Carrboro Book Beat) is devoted to the literary life of North Carolina. The show features reviews of new books by authors, interviews with working fiction and nonfiction writers, editors, poets, journalists, publishers and all others engaged with the written arts. Our mandate is to showcase local as well as visiting authors and newly published works of topical interest. We are paying attention and want our local authors to get plenty of air time! Carolina Book Beat shows are recorded and available to download as podcasts.