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Radio In Vivo: Your Link to the Triangle Science Community, with Ernie Hood – Live 11:00 AM- Noon Wednesdays

Radio In Vivo Website

Radio In Vivo

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Radio In Vivo 04.22.2009 with guests Steve Peterson, CEO, and Dick Guenther, CTO, Trana Discovery, Inc., discussing Trana’s platform of candidate drug screening assays based on transfer RNA

Radio In Vivo 04.15.2009 with guest Dr. Sam Houston, President and CEO, North Carolina Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Center, discussing the Center and the state of science education in North Carolina

Radio In Vivo 04.08.2009 with guest Marc Sedam, Chief Operating Officer, Qualyst, Inc., Durham, discussing Qualyst’s technology for screening drugs for hepatic toxicity

Radio In Vivo 03.25.2009 Dr. Michael Ehlers, neurobiologist and HHMI Investigator at Duke University Medical Center, discusses discoveries about the basic circuitry and mechanisms at work in neurons

Radio In Vivo 03.18.2009 with guest Dr. Barbara Entwisle, Director, Carolina Population Center and Principal Investigator of the North Carolina Study Center of the National Children’s Study, discussing the National Children’s Study

Radio In Vivo 03.11.2009 with guest Dr. Rob Dunn, Assistant Professor of Ecology, NC State University, discussing his book, Every Living Thing: Man’s Obsessive Quest to Catalog Life, from Nanobacteria to New Monkeys

Radio In Vivo 03-04-2009 with guest Dr. Myron (Mike) Cohen, Director, Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, UNC-Chapel Hill, discussing HIV/AIDS vaccine efforts and the epidemic in Africa

Radio In Vivo 02.25.2009 with guest Dr. Chris Brodie, Vice President for Corporate Communications, North Carolina Biotechnology Center, and co-founder, Science Communicators of North Carolina (SCONC)

Radio In Vivo 01.28.2009 Bioremediation of oily bilge water in maritime vessels, with guests Dr. Jason Caplan and David Burroughs of EnSolve Biosystems, Inc., Raleigh

Radio In Vivo 01.21.2009 with guests Dr. Eric Hallman and Neil Jones of Kryosphere Inc., a biorepository start-up in the Triangle

Radio In Vivo 01.07.2009 Food safety, with guest Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus, Food Science Department, North Carolina State University

Radio In Vivo 12.10.2008 Species hybridization and context-dependent behavior – mating choices in the spadefoot toad, with Dr. Karin Pfennig, Department of Biology, UNC-Chapel Hill

Radio In Vivo 12.03.2008 Promoting ScienceOnline09, the conference coming up in January 2009 at Sigma Xi, RTP, with organizers Anton Zuiker (Duke), Bora Zivkovic (PLOS), and David Kroll (NCCU)

Radio In Vivo 11.12.2008 The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) and the state of the integrated circuit industry and technology, with SRC President and CEO Larry Sumney

Radio In Vivo 11.05.2008 The “smart” electrical grid of the future, with guest Dr. Alex Huang, Director, FREEDM Systems Center, NC State University

Radio In Vivo 10.29.2008 Methods of teaching literacy skills to severely disabled children, with guest Dr. Karen Erickson, Director, Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill

Radio In Vivo 10.22.2008 Drug safety and drug-induced liver injury, with Dr. Paul Watkins, Director, Center for Drug Safety Sciences, a collaborative initiative between UNC-Chapel Hill and The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, RTP

Radio In Vivo 10.15.2008 Duke Global Health Institute, HIV/AIDS research in the rural South and Africa, policy and public health, with guest Dr. Kate Whetten, Duke University

Radio In Vivo 10.01.2008 with guest Dr.David Kroll, Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE), North Carolina Central University

Radio In Vivo 09.17.2008 Threats to the world’s coral reefs, with expert Dr. John Bruno, Department of Marine Sciences, UNC-CH

Radio In Vivo 09.10.2008 Pharmacogenomics (personalized medicine) with guest Dr. Howard McLeod, Director, Institute for Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy, UNC-CH

Radio In Vivo 08.27.2008 Human research subjects protection, with guest Dan Nelson, Director, Office of Human Research Ethics, UNC-CH

Radio In Vivo 08.20.2008 Guests Jamie Nunnelly and Dr. Stan Young discuss the National Institute of Statistical Sciences, RTP, and misuse of statistics in epidemiology

Radio In Vivo 07.30.2008 Neuroscience of addiction, with guest Dr. Charlotte Boettiger, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Biomedical Research Imaging, UNC-CH

Radio In Vivo 07.16.2008 Tissue engineering artificial blood vessels, with guest Dr. Shannon Dahl, Director of Scientific Operations, Humacyte, Inc., RTP

Radio In Vivo 07.09.2008 Human factors and ergonomics in product design, with guest Dr. Barry Beith, founder, CEO, and Chief Technology Officer of HumanCentric, Inc., Cary, NC

Radio In Vivo 07.02.2008 Dr. Rob Pennock of Michigan State University, current sabbatical scholar at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham, discusses the ongoing battle to keep creationism/intelligent design out of the science curriculum; also evolutionary computation

Radio In Vivo 06.25.2008 with guest Susan McCord, Executive Director, Institute of Forest Biotechnology, Raleigh

Radio In Vivo 06.04.2008 Dr. Jack Griffith, Kenan Distinguished Professor in the UNC-CH School of Medicine, discusses his recent discovery of the oldest biological material ever found on earth, cellulose microfibers in a 2,000-foot deep salt deposit, and his lab’s use of electron microscopy to explore biochemical topics such as DNA repair and telomeres

Radio In Vivo 05.21.2008 Guest Roger Harris of Sigma Xi discusses his Amazon rain forest tour guide adventures, and Triangle Academy, a new high school under development

Radio In Vivo 05.07.2008 UNC medical student Anthony Fleg discusses Pharm-Free America, a campaign to purge medical schools of pharmaceutical industry influence, and the Native Health Initiative

Radio In Vivo 4.30.2008 Genome-Wide Association studies revolutionizing genomics, with guest Dr. Karen Mohlke, Department of Genetics, UNC-Chapel Hill

Radio In Vivo 04.23.2008 Freeze-dried platelets and hemostatic wound dressings with guest Dr. Tom Fischer, CSO, Entegrion, Inc., Scientific Director, Francis Owen Blood Research Laboratory, UNC

Radio In Vivo 04.16.2008 Molecular paleontology, with NCSU paleontologist Dr. Mary Schweitzer, who discovered soft tissue in Tyrannosaurus Rex bones in 2005

Radio In Vivo 03.19.2008 Neutraceuticals, with guest Ron Newcomb, President & CEO, Resveratrol, Inc., Pittsboro, NC

Radio In Vivo 03.12.2008 Toxicogenomics, with guest Dr. Rusty Thomas, Director, Functional Genomics Research Program, The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, RTP

Radio In Vivo 03.05.2008 The science of breadmaking, with Dr. Emily Buehler, author of Bread Science: The Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread

Radio In Vivo 02.27.2008 Current trends in diabetes, with guest Dr. John Buse, Director, UNC Diabetes Care Center, and President, American Diabetes Association

Radio In Vivo 02.20.2008 Local pharma start-up Cognosci, Inc., developing new drugs based upon apolipoprotein E to treat multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, alzheimers and more. Guest: Dr. Michael Vitek, president & CSO.

Radio In Vivo 01.30.2008 with guest Dr. Dan Ariely, visiting professor, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, author of Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions

Radio In Vivo 01.16.2008 Academic drug discovery, G-protein coupled receptors, NIMH Psychoactive Drug Screening Program, and the psychoactive sage, salvia, with pharmacologist Dr. Bryan Roth, UNC School of Medicine

Radio In Vivo 01.09.2008 Genes, environment, psychosocial factors, and disease, with Dr. Redford Williams, Director, Behavioral Medicine Research Center, Duke University Medical Center

Home Power Hour with Solar Jim and Sustainable Jack- live 10-11 AM Wednesdays

Home Power Hour Website

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Home Power Hour 03.25.2009 Bill Kemp, Smart Power

Home Power Hour 03.18.2009 The SJs kick Coal (again)

Home Power Hour 03.11.2009 Morgan of

Home Power Hour 03.04.2009

Home Power Hour 02.18.2009 EV Jerry calls in

Home Power Hour 02.11.2009 Spring Valentine Show

Home Power Hour 02.04.2009 J.D. Best, Geothermal of Blue Valley Energy

Home Power Hour 01.21.2009 Dave Montforton of N.A.I.T.

Home Power Hour 01.14.2009 Cari Spring, When the light goes on

Home Power Hour 12.31.2008 Dr. Tom Reed of

Home Power Hour 12.24.2008 Dale Hill, Proterra’s Hydrolley

Home Power Hour 12.10.2008 AppState EV educational chapter

Home Power Hour 12.03.2008 Elise Giddings

Home Power Hour 11.19.2008 Charlie Garbled

Home Power Hour 11.12.2008 Plan B

Home Power Hour 10.29.2008 Halloween show, boo.

Home Power Hour 10.22.2008 EV Jerry report on Spirt of DC

Home Power Hour 10.01.2008 Piedmont Green Gala

Home Power Hour 09.24.2008 Gravity defying Gadget

Home Power Hour 09.17.2008 Byron Kinnard

Home Power Hour 09.10.2008 Brian Howell

Home Power Hour 09.03.2008 Round table with Efficiency Dave

Home Power Hour 08.27.2008 Smart Agent Toby Constadine

Home Power Hour Dick Dell, Advance Vehicle Research Center

Home Power Hour David Morris Community economy

Home Power Hour 08.06.2008 Logan Yonavak

Home Power Hour 07.30.2008 Max Wyman’s

Home Power Hour 07.23.2008 Lee Crumpton, Home Grown Music efficiency

Home Power Hour 07.09.2008 Jack and Jim summer renuion

Home Power Hour 06.25.2008 Ecopreneuring John Ivanko, wwwinnserendipity

Home Power Hour 06.11.2008 Bio Henry, BALLE conference, SJ wins with 122mpg

Home Power Hour 06.04.2998

Home Power Hour 04.30.2008 Spirit of DC. EV Jerry talks about the plug in hybred

Home Power Hour 05.21.2008 Hold out for afordable EV citizen activist

Home Power Hour 05.14.2008 David Harper Triangle Food Commons

Home Power Hour 04.30.2008 Spirit of DC tour and EV Jerry

Home Power Hour 04.02.2008 April Fools Show

Home Power Hour 03.26.2008 Chris Richmond of S.U.R.G.E. and ReCYCLEry

Home Power Hour 03.19.2008 The SJ’s Spring Equinox show

Home Power Hour 03.12.2008 Alice Loyd, NC Interfaith Power and Light

Home Power Hour 03.05.2008 Jim Poch,

Home Power Hour 02.27.2008 Sue Dayton, of toxic poo.

Home Power Hour 02.20.2008 Keven Danaher, Building the Green Economy,

Home Power Hour 02.06.2008 Jonathan Dorn of Earth Policy Institute, Plan B 3.0

Home Power Hour 01.30.2008 Martin Eberhard, Tesla Motors founder talks EV

Home Power Hour 01.23.2008 Paul Gaiser of “”

Home Power Hour 01.16.2008 Spenser W. Havlick, Transportation & Sustainable Campus Communities

Home Power Hour 01.09.2008 Dan Knapp of Urban Ore and Zero waste

Home Power Hour 01.02.2008 Melissa Frey, Company Shops Market in Burlington, NC.

Carrboro Book Beat – Live with Audrey Layden and Paul Nagy

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Carrboro Book Beat – Body Brilliance, Alan Davidson 03-23-09

Carrboro Book Beat – An Historical Atlas of the Haw River, Marc Chilton 03-16-09

Carrboro Book Beat – The Myrridian Cycle, Debra Killeen 03-09-09

Carrboro Book Beat – A Matter of Justice, Charles Todd 02-23-09

Carrboro Book Beat – Sacred Space, Sacred Sound, Susan Hale 02-16-09

Carrboro Book Beat – Orange County Literacy Council 02-09-09

Carrboro Book Beat – Betsy Greer, Knitting for Good 02-02-09

Carrboro Book Beat – Talking Sidewalks, Jon Young, Maggie West 01-26-09

Carrboro Book Beat – How to Live, Henry Alford 01-19-09

Carrboro Book Beat – Anne Pusey, Carrboro Branch Library 01-12-09

Carrboro Book Beat – Lindsey McGuirk, Algonquin 01-05-09

Carrboro Book Beat – Tarot Books, Paul Nagy 12-29-08

Carrboro Book Beat – Jaki Shelton Green, Poetry 12-15-08

Carrboro Book Beat – The Sun, Tim McKee and Krista Bremer 12-8-08

Carrboro Book Beat – Daring to Look, Anne Whiston Spirn 12-1-08

Carrboro Book Beat – Nagy/Layden Potpouri 11-24-08

Carrboro Book Beat – Claudio Niedworok 11-17-08

Carrboro Book Beat – Hometown Appetites 11-10-08

Carrboro Book Beat – Lee Smith 11-03-08 On Agate Hill

Carrboro Book Beat – Joe Ashby Porter 10-27-08 All Aboard

Carrboro Book Beat – NCWN 10-20-08 Ed Southern

Carrboro Book Beat – Robert K. Otterbourg 10-13-08: Retire and Thrive

Carrboro Book Beat – Paul and Audrey book Reviews 10-06-08

Carrboro Book Beat – Dr. Rachel Murphey Brown Guest Reviewer 9-29-08 Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Liberties

Carrboro Book Beat – Jean Anderson – 09-22-2008 A Love Affair with Southern Cooking

Carrboro Book Beat: Lyle Estill – 09-15-2008 Small Is Possible

Carrboro Book Beat: Dr. Leon Curry – 09-08-2008 The Doctor and The Psychic

Carrboro Book Beat: Brock Clarke – 09-01-2008 Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England

West End Report on the Arts – Live with Audrey Layden and Jackie Helvey – Fridays at 6:00 pm

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Hunter Levinsohn discusses We Encourage You To Use Plastic, a show of Holga photos – June 5, 2009

Jackie and Audrey – May 5, 2009

Filmmaker Nic Beery discusses his the Century Center Cinema Season Finale – Shorts Stand Tall – April 24, 2009

Filmmaker Todd Tinkham discusses his new movies – April 17, 2009

Jane Filer discusses her art and exhibit opening at Tyndall Galleries – April 3, 2009

Kevin Dixon discusses his art and exhibit at the Beehive Salon – March 27, 2009

Grace Li Wang discusses her art exhibit in the ArtsCenter’s Center Gallery – March 6, 2009

Leah Sobsy & Lynn Bregman-Blass discuss the Community Art & History Project – February 27, 2009 (partial broadcast)

Zach Ward discusses the NC Comedy Arts Festival – February 13, 2009

Linda Carmel discusses Hillsborough Gallery of Arts “Winter Lights” exhibit and her work – January 30, 2009

Hunter Levinsohn discusses “A Chronicle in Cranes – The Finale” – January 16, 2009

Happy New Year – January 2, 2009

Dale Morgan discusses a fundraiser to fight the trash transfer station decision – December 19, 2008

December 5, 2008 (Yeah, I know I’m spaced…)

October 31, 2008

Nic Beery discusses Century Center Cinema and his new movies – October 24, 2008 (Partial broadcast)

October 17, 2007

October 10, 2007

Shalini Chatterjee discusses the Century Center Cinema screening of the movie “4” and the Revolve Film Festival – September 26, 2008 (Partial broadcast)

Artist Joan VanderMeer discusses her art – September 5, 2008

Carrboro Film Festival chair Selena Lauterer discusses the upcoming event – August 29, 2008

Joy Williams returns to discuss her upcoming trip to Mali, Africa – July 25, 2008

With guest Joy Williams discussing her new African Dance classes in Carrboro – May 30, 2008

Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton reads A Weekend in the Paris of the Piedmont, a new book by Irma Tejada and Chris Kanoy, to Carrboro Elementary School 3rd. graders – April 17, 2008

With guests Cindy Edwards and Sue Ulrick from the NC Arts Incubator – April 11, 2008

March 28, 2008

With guest Miriam Sagasti – March 21, 2008

With guest Neil McTighe discussing the Carrboro Youth Poetry Contest – March 14, 2008

With guest Bryant Holsenbeck discussing the Elements Labyrinth, part of the 2008 Community Art Project – February 22, 2008

With guest Zach Ward & Kit Fitzsimmons discussing the DSI Comedy Festival – February 1, 2008

With guest Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish discussing his new book, Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician – December 14, 2007

December 7, 2007

With guest Nic Beery, coordinator of the Carrboro Film Festival – November 16, 2007

November 9, 2007

November 2, 2007

With guest Hunter Levinsohn, multimedia artist – October 19, 2007

With guest Gerry Williams, coordinator of the Carrboro Music Festival – September 28, 2007

With guest Maggi Grace, on tour with her new book State of the Heart – A Medical Tourist’s True Story of Lifesaving Surgery in India – August 31, 2007

Jon Paul’s Truth Quest and Variety Hour
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Truth Quest 06.23.2009 Jon Paul with Mike Wade. Kevin Barrett calls in and talks about his upcoming book, 911 and other topics.

Truth Quest 06.16.2009 Jon Paul with Jocelyn Ellis and Claudio, Waiting for Kevin Barrett who does not call in. We cover media lies and disinformation and speak the truth as best we can.

Truth Quest 06.09.2009 Jon Paul with Mike Wade discussing 911 truth

Truth Quest 06.02.2009 Jon Paul Some music to start, then Amnesty International Press Conference analysis

Truth Quest 05.12.2009 Jon Paul with Bill Wilson of Citizens for Limited Government who hangs up when confronted with the truth Truth Quest 04.21.2009 Jon Paul discusses 911 Truth, Torture Scandal, Obama’s Continuance and Expansion of Bush Crimes, New York Times Article

Truth Quest 04.14.2009 Jon Paul discusses Iran, Media and Government lies, Obama continues Bush Crimes, Alternative Energy That Must be Stimulated by Goverment

Truth Quest 04.07.2009 Jon Paul discusses Corrupt Government, Media and Obama Administration.

Truth Quest 03.17.2009 Jon Paul with Claudio, Cheney Death Squads

Truth Quest 03.03.2009 Jon Paul with Janice Mathews, Executive Director of

Truth Quest 02.24.2009 Jon Paul with Claudio, Media Bias

Truth Quest 02.10.2009 Jon Paul with Mickey Mills

Truth Quest 01.27.2009 Jon Paul with John Heuer, Director, North Carolina Peace Action

Truth Quest 01.13.2009 Jon Paul with The Truth About Palestine and 911

Truth Quest 01.06.2009 Jon Paul with Claudio, Bruce Mitchel and Paul Nagy, The Truth About Palestine


12-19-08 – Moncure Workers

4-24-09 – Steve Hutton

4-17-09 – Chad Johnston – TPC

4-3-09 – Linda Marie Taurasi

3-27-09 – Pete MacDowell

3-20-09 – Jerry Markatos

3-13-09 – Miriam Thompson

3-6-09 – BeBe Smith

2-27-09 – John Chapman

2-13-09 – Heidi Kober

2-06-09 – Tana Hartman

1-30-09 – Diane Robertson

1-23-09 – Jack Sanders

1-16-09 – Kelly Hayes Raitt

12-12-08 – Chris Moran

12-05-08 – Peggy Misch

11-14-08 – John Heuer

11-07-08 – Delores Bailey

10-31-08 – Theresa El Amin and Wayne Turner

10-24-08 – Roy Bourgois

10-10-08 – Hank Elkins

10-3-08 – Al McSurley

9-26-08 – M. L. Smith & Steve Sizer

9-19-08 – Neloa Jones

9-12-08 – Lorie Clark

9-5-08 – Tom O’Connor

8-29-08 – Allen Moore & William Henderson

8-22-08 – Chris Moran

7-4-08 – Miriam Thompson

8-8-08 – Pam Schwingle

8-1-08 – Steve Dear

7-25-08 – Ed King

7-11-08 – Christina Cowger

7-4-08 – Joan Walsh & Peggy Misch

6-20-08 – Miriam Thompson

6-13-08 – Delores Bailey

5-30-08 – Melissa Radcliff

5-23-08 – Wendell Berry article

5-16-08 – Shai Tamari

5-02-08 – Sara Shields

5-9-08 – Erin Byrd

4-18-08 – Munk

4-4-08 – Al Arian

3-21-08 – Molly Beacham

3-14-08 – Tamara Tal, Kosta Harlan & Abby Crenshaw

Homelessness Marathon

Hour 1 · Hour 2 · Hour 3

Bilingual 101

Say It in Spanish – oir – March 16, 2009

Say It in Spanish – hallar – Feb. 23, 2009

Say It in Spanish – devolver – Feb. 16, 2009

Say It in Spanish – desear – Feb. 9, 2009

Say It in Spanish – deber – Feb. 2, 2009

Say It in Spanish – cruzar – Jan.26,2009

Say It in Spanish – Holidays – Dec 15, 2008

Say It in Spanish – asistir – Dec. 8, 2008

Say It in Spanish – reunir – Dec. 1, 2008

Say It in Spanish – ar,er,ir verb forms- Nov. 24, 2008

Say It in Spanish – merecer – Nov. 10, 2008

Say It in Spanish – votar – Nov. 03, 2008

Say It in Spanish – asustar – Oct. 27, 2008

Say It in Spanish – cambiar – Oct. 20, 2008

Say It in Spanish – descubrir – Oct. 13, 2008

Say It in Spanish – creer – Oct. 06, 2008

Say It in Spanish- cocinar- Sept. 29, 2008

Say It in Spanish – encontrar – Sept. 22, 2008

Say It in Spanish – gastar – Sept. 15, 2008

Say It in Spanish – dormir – Sept. 8, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Aug. 18, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Aug. 4, 2008

Say It in Spanish – cubrir – July 28, 2008

Say It in Spanish – echar – July 21, 2008

Say It in Spanish – vivir – July 14, 2008

Say It in Spanish – ayudar – July 07, 2008

Say It in Spanish – So^nar – June 23, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Nadar – June 16, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Caminar – June 9, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Recordar – April 21, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Escuchar – April 14, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Escribir – April 7, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Mar. 17, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Mar. 10, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Mar. 3, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Feb. 25, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Feb. 18, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Feb. 11, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Feb. 4, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Jan. 14, 2008

Say It in Spanish – Jan. 7, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – March 16, 2009

Dimelo en Ingles – March 2, 2009

Dimelo en Ingles – Feb. 23, 2009

Dimelo en Ingles – Feb. 16, 2009

Dimelo en Ingles – Feb. 9, 2009

Dimelo en Ingles – Feb. 2, 2009

Dimelo en Ingles – Jan.26,2009

Dimelo en Ingles – Holidays – Dec. 15, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Dec. 8, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Dec. 1, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Nov. 24, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Nov. 10, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Nov. 03, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Oct. 27, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Oct.20, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Oct. 13, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Oct. 06, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Sept. 29, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Sept.22, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Sept. 15, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Sept. 08, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Aug. 18, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Aug. 04, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – July 28, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – July 21, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – July 14, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – July 7, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – June 23, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – June 16, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – June 9, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – April 21, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – April 14, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – April 7, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Mar. 31, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Mar.24, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Mar. 17, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Mar. 10,2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Mar. 3, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Feb. 25, 2008.

Dimelo en Ingles – Feb. 18, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Feb. 11, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Feb. 4, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Jan. 14, 2008

Dimelo en Ingles – Jan. 7, 2008

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#4 Click Here to Download the fourth Class.

#5 Click here to Download the Fifth Class

#6 Click here to Download the Sixth Class

Ethics Matters
A talk show about moral values hosted by James Coley
Sponsored by the North Carolina Society for Ethical Culture

Podcast Feed:rss

Email us your thoughts at

Visit our new website at for current episodes.

Episode 46 – Values in Politics
January 26, 2008
James talks to John Heuer about values in politics.

Episode 45 – Ethics in Politics
January 12, 2008
James talks to Alex Zaffron about ethics in politics.

Episode 44 – Electoral Systems
January 5, 2008
James talks to Jeff Spinner-Halev about electoral systems.

Episode 43 – Humanism and Politics
December 29, 2007
James talks to Hugh Giblin about Humanism and politics.

Episode 42 – What is Normativity?
December 22, 2007
James talks to Geoff Sayre-McCord about what is Normativity?

Episode 41 – Healthcare Reform
December 8, 2007
James talks to Johnathan Oberlander about healthcare reform.

Episode 40 – Meaning of Life
November 17, 2007
James talks to Susan Wolf about the meaning of life.

Episode 39 – Medical Tourism
November 3, 2007
James talks to Trudy Bennett about the medical tourism.

Episode 38 – Experimental Philosophy
October 27, 2007
James talks to Joshua Knobe about the experimental philosophy and moral responsibility.

Episode 37 – Human Rights
October 6, 2007
James talks to Judith Blau about human rights and a new US constitution.

Episode 36 – Healthcare Reform
September 29, 2007
James talks to Ruth Zweidinger about health care reform.

Episode 35 – Lying
September 22, 2007
James talks to Doug McLane about lying.

Episode 34 – Values in Government
September 15, 2007
James talks to Mark Kleinschmidt about values in government.

Episode 33 – Environmentalism
September 8, 2007
James talks to Dan Coleman about environmentalist values.

Episode 32 – Utilitarianism
September 1, 2007
James talks to Ted Parent about Utilitarianism.

Claudio’s SpeakEasy & Radio Theatre

Tuesdays, 10AM-11AM

Visit Claudio’s website,

Podcast Feed:

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Claudio’s SpeakEasy 06.16.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Jocelyn Ellis, Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 06.09.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Sherry Monahan / Western Author and Historian

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 05.26.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Bellan Contemporary Dance Theatre with Anjanée N. Bell

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 05.12.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Sonny Maria Rolls / Blues Singer, Songwriter

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 04.14.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Clay McClinton / Singer, Songwriter, Musician / Son of Delbert McClinton

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 03.31.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Jamie Fox Call-In Interview / Original Electric Guitarist-Composer for Jen Chapin and Formerly of Blood, Sweat And Tears

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 03.17.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Prometheus Bound Poets/Triangle Youth Ballet

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 02.24.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Karl Blake, “The Jen Chapin Call-In Interview”

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 02.03.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Jud Patterson “Kreative Concepts, LLC”

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 01.13.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, Valerie & Karl Blake, “Creative and Colorful People for Change”

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 01.06.2009 Claudio & Jon Paul, ArtSync Magazine Cover Artist, Bruce Mitchell

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 12.30.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, “New Media/Temple Theatre” Peggy Taphorn, Kirby Malone, Adam Lucky, Rick St. Peter

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 12.09.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, “Claudio Roast”, Betty J.Rhodes, Valerie & Karl Blake

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 12.02.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, ArtSync Cover Winner, Runners Up + Funnies

Claudio, Bard of WCOM, on Carrboro Book Beat, 11-17-08

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 11.10.2008 Claudio, George, The Prometheus Bound Poets

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 11.04.2008 Claudio, George, Ernie, Karl & Valerie of Artful Greetings – Election Day

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 10.21.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, ArtSync Magazine with Christine Clemmons and Liz Lusardi

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 10.14.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, John Demers, Sissy Harrington, “Will To Power” The Movie

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 10.07.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Scrooged with Ira David Wood III

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 09.30.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Karl & Valerie, Artful Greetings “Mud Puddle”

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 09.23.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, West End Poet’s Week End with Allie Hanson

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 09.16.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Featuring Alan R. Hall (Arts & Politics)

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 08.12.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Karen Edwards, International Festival/Dance

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 08.05.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Valerie & Karl, Artful Greetings

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 07.29.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Author: Ira Knight

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 07.08.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Alex Weiss “Different Drum”

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 07.01.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Jim Carl of The Carolina Theatre

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 06.17.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, John Demers “Conspiracies”

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 06.03.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, David Henderson, Death Penalty

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 05.20.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, George Antczak, “Rubik’s Cube Sonata”

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 05.13.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, DMOST “SaltyPeppa”

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 04.21.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Jerry Davis, Burning Coal Theatre

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 04.15.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Peggy Taphorn, Temple Theatre Season

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 04.08.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, “Go Fish” (John Demers, Jacob Chase), “Touchtones” (Paul Nagy)

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 04.01.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Truth 911

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 03.25.2008 Jon Paul, Solo Political Improv

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 02.26.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Poli-Psycho

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 02.12.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Big “A” Comedy (Andy Forrester)

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 02.05.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Jerry Davis, Artistic Director, Burning Coal Theatre, Raleigh, NC

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 01.29.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, Peggy Taphorn, Producing Director, Temple Theatre, Sanford, NC

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 01.08.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, John Heuer, Hoodwinked

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 01.01.2008 Claudio & Jon Paul, New Year’s Day Special with Ira David Wood III, Ernie, Rocco (2-hour show)

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 12.25.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul, Rapper DMOST/Dion

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 11.27.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul, Brian Krapf – Talking Website Designs/Low Fat Designs

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 11.20.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul – Political Improv (honoring Donald Shriver, Jr., and Marcel Marceau)

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 10.23.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul with guests Chuck Morton, Carrboro Mayoral candidate, and Will Raymond, Chapel Hill Town Council candidate

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 10.16.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul with guest Tim Zinzer, Discussing the Federal Reserve

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 10.09.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul, John Demers and Company – Indie Film

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 9.18.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul – Stumbling Through It

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 09.11.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul with guests Adam Twiss and Mike Raab of Theatre in the Park

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 09.04.2007 Promoting West End Poets’ Weekend, with Claudio, Jon Paul and Kim Andrews of Carrboro Recreation and Parks

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 08.21.2007 Claudio, Daddio, and guest Bruce James, Comedian/Singer

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 08.07.2007 with Claudio, Rocco and Daddio – The Crooners and Old-Time Music

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 07.01.2007 with Claudio, Tom Johnson, Daddio, George, and Dan – Political Satire

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 06.26.2007 Claudio and Tom Johnson with guest Curtis Ingram – American Music Museum

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 05.29.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul interviewing Tom Johnson

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 05.22.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul – World Carnival Music

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 05.15.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul interviewing the Mayor of Lizard Lick, NC

Claudio’s SpeakEasy 05.08.2007 Claudio & Jon Paul, Inaugural Show Hosted by Ernie Hood

The Counselor’s Cafe

Mondays, 10AM-11AM

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The Counselor’s Cafe: Final Show 8-4-08

The Counselor’s Cafe: Images of God/Rocco, Paul, Dave 7-28-08

The Counselor’s Cafe: Gilgamesh-Kindergarted/Rocco,Paul 7-21-08

The Counselor’s Cafe: Obstacles/Rocco, Paul 7-14-08

The Counselor’s Cafe: Happiness/Rocco,Paul 6-23-08

The Counselor’s Cafe: Existentialism/Rocco,Paul 6-16-08

The Counselor’s Cafe: Unconditioned Awareness/Paul Nagy 6-09-08

The Counselor’s Cafe: Psychology of the Tarot/Paul Nagy 6-02-09

The Counselor’s Cafe: Affect Imagery Consciouness/Paul Nagy 5-26-2008

The Counselor’s Cafe: Psychic Events/Paul Nagy 3-31-2008

The Counselor’s Cafe: Animal Assisted Therapy/Sharon Harkavy 3-17-2008

The Counselor’s Cafe: Homelessness/Readings 2-18-08

The Counselor’s Cafe: Conscious Aging/Bolton Anthony 2-11-08

The Counselor’s Cafe: Atheist or Agnostic/Jill McClain, Laura Wenze 12-03-07l

The Counselor’s Cafe: Stay-at-Home Dads/Tobin Logan 11-19-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Time/Readings 11-12-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Hospice/Mary Honeycutt 11-05-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Suicide Prevention/David Goldston 10-29-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Harvest a Lifetime/Readings 10-01-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: ‘Green’ Medicine/James R. Dykes, MD 09-24-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Psychic Healing/Manuel Costa 09-17-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Prayer/Paul Nagy 09-03-07

The Counselo’s Cafe: MHA/Mark Sullivan 08-27-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Nia/Lucy Hohn 08-20-07

The Counselor’ Cafe: Expressive Writing/Rocco Nittoli 08-06-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Spiritual Direction/Paul Nagy 07-30-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: School Psychology/John Ross 07-23-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Philosophy 101/James Coley 07-16-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Seeing Beyond Sight/Tony Deifell, Shirley Hand, Dan Partridge 07-09-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Creativity and Art/Herb Slapo 05-14-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Systems Centered Therapy 04-23-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Club Nova 04-09-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Peace Corps/Sam Brooks 03-05-07

The Counselor’s Cafe: Dialectical Behavior Therapy/Dr. Meggan Moorehead 02-26-07

La Salud Familiar

Mondays, 12-1PM

La Salud Familiar 12-10-07 Anticonceptivos Esta emisión es sobre como ser responsable y informado sobre temas sexuales. Es necessario a aprender protegerse. Hay anticonceptivos medicamentos y anticonceptivos emergencias y el acceso a anticonceptivos es un derecho. Los anticonceptivos evitan ovulación y implantación y son altamente efectivos. Hay un porcentaje alto de embarazos no planeados en la comunidad latina y anticonceptivos son una manera a prevenir una embarazo cuando no lo quiere o no planea. Hay muchas chicas jovenes como quince o dieciseis años con bebés y con programas y recursos como Planificación Familiar (Planned Parenthood), la frequenica de embarazos no planeados y de chicas jovenes pueden disminuir. Para más información sobre Planificación Familiar (Planned Parenthood) y anticonceptivos puede ir a la página web a

La Salud Familiar Promo

17 de septiembre de 2007 – Un miembro de Alcoholicos Anonimos, llamado Juan cuenta como la organizacion puede ayuadar a los demas personas sobre problema del alcoholsimo.

27 de agosto de 2007 – Susana Simon, una maestra de yoga, habla sobre los beneficios de yoga.

13 de agosto de 2007 – Claudia Falcón avisa como prepararse para desastres como huracanes, tormentas de hielo, y fuegos.

West End Report – The Contribution with Linda Hill

Thursday evenings 6-6:30 pm. Left click to listen, right click to manually download show.

Ronald McDonald House – September 24, 2007

Earthshare of North Carolina – September 17, 2007

Riders for Health and SWOOP (Smart Women Organizing Outrageous projects) – July 7, 2007

Special Olympics – October 8, 2007

Communities in Schools – July 20, 2007

Mothers Against Drunk Driving – June 9, 2007

Youth Drama Radio’s broadcast of “Powerplay” – a live radio drama produced by 11 of Carrboro’s finest young people, in conjuction with WCOM and the ArtsCenter – 2-09-07

The Hook

Alysson Light Interview with Tom Arnel July 2006

Alan Garr Interview with Tom Arnel Oct. 7th, 2006

Jan Seides Interview (short clip) with Tom Arnel Oct. 14, 2006

Nikki Meets the Hibachi Interview with Tom Arnel Feb. 3, 2007

Mark Smilor Interview with Tom Arnel April 7, 2007 (turn up volume)

Brianna Lane Interview with Tom Arnel March 26, 2008

Deb Callahan Interview with Tom Arnel July 12, 2008

Carrboro Live and West End Report Thursdays ……with Doctor Dave Bellin and Kirby Zeman

NEW: Tofu Recipes!! Jerk Tofu Tofu Chocolate Mousse

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Carrboro Live with Shawn Deena of Durham (30′:03″) Shawn Deena

Carborro Live with Joel Keel from Trinidad-Tobago (58’51”): Joel Keel

Carrboro Live Election 2008 with Ellie Kinnaird/Dan Pollitt (48’12”): Election 2008

Carrboro Live with SAFE PASSAGES volunteers, October 16, 2008 (30’50”): Safe Passages

Carrboro Live with Girl’s Rock Camp 2008 (20:00): Girl’s Rock Camp

Interview with California Blues Artist Phillip Walker. Feb 2008 (50′): Phillip Walker

Inteview with the famous A.C. Bushnell on new CD (1 hour)

Tofu Dave’s Post Election Analysis with Senator Kinnaird & Alderman Coleman Nov 2007.

Focus the Nation, interview with Jessi Kemp (13’52”): Jan 24, 2008.

Focus the Nation, interview with UNC organizers Jessi and Jen: November 15 ,2007.

Interview with Senior Citizen Arrestee Barry Freeman (30′) Feb 08 2007

The Water Callers (Durham singer songwriters) (55′): April 27 2006

State Senator Ellie Kinnaird with Dave Bellin’s West End Report: July, 2007, May, 2007, April, 2007, March, 2007, February,2007, January 2007, December, 2006, September 2006, August 2006, May2006, March 2006, Feb 2006, Jan 2006

Carrboro Alderman Dan Coleman with Dave Bellin’s West End Report: June, 2007, May, 2007, April, 2007, March, 2007, January, 2007, November 2006, October 2006, August 2006, May 2006, April 2006, March 2006, Feb 2006.

Chapel Hill Mayor Kevin Foy with Dave Bellin’s West End Report (18’14”): March 2006

Carrboro Arts Center Development Director Lauren Sacks – Future Plans & WCOM Support (12’24”) artscenter2.mp3

Soundscape Movement Fest- founder Alexis Mastromichalis (12′): Soundscape Movement Fest

The Iowa Caucus Jan 3, 2008 (15′ ): Iowa Caucus

The Coming of Walmart to Chatham County (26′): walmart.mp3

Singing undercover CIA agent – George Shrub (25′): George Shrub.mp3

Carrboro Live with Dave Lippman May 6, 2006 (30′): Dave Lippman

Carrboro Live with Dennis Gavin – March 2, 2006 (57′): Dennis Gavin

Carrboro Live with Elia, Jaso and Aaron 01312008 (25′): Old Time Acoustic

Carrboro Live with Aerieldown – January 25, 2007 (38′): Airieldown

Orange County Coalition for Peace- Impeachment Rally 1.27.2006

Impeachment Debate – Jan 15, 2009 in Carrboro Century Center (48’29”):Fein/Tomasky/moderator-CarterIII

Dan Pollit, Professor emeritus, gives a storied history of impeachments. (35’13”): Pollitt01272006.mp3

Al McSurely, attorney, explains legal points of impeachment. (28’32”): McSurely01272006.mp3

Question and Answer Session. (31’11”): questions01272006.mp3

The Richard Brown Show – live 9-10 AM Mondays

Podcast Feed:rss

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Richard Brown Show 02.27.2006

Richard Brown Show 02.20.2006

Richard Brown Show 02.13.2006

Richard Brown Show 02.06.2006

Richard Brown Show 01.30.2006 with Gail Tyree

Richard Brown Show 01.23.2006 with Emily Diane Gunter

Richard Brown Show 01.16.2006 with Ajamu Dillahunt, Muna Mujahid, Walter Davis

Richard Brown Show 01.09.2006 with guests Lucy Gorham and Chris Keeley

Richard Brown Show 01.02.2006 with guest Dr. Donna Winn

Richard Brown Show 12.26.2005

Richard Brown Show 12.05.2005

Richard Brown Show 11.28.2005

After Further Review with Jonathan Weiler and Matthew Clements – Featuring your calls! LIVE 11 AM- Noon Sundays

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After Further Review 07.09.2006

After Further Review 07.02.2006

After Further Review 06.25.2006

After Further Review 06.18.2006

After Further Review 06.11.2006

After Further Review 05.28.06

After Further Review 05.21.2006

After Further Review 05.14.2006

After Further Review 05.07.2006

After Further Review 04.30.2006

After Further Review 04.09.2006

After Further Review 03.19.2006

After Further Review 03.12.2006

After Further Review 02.26.06

After Further Review 02.19.06

After Further Review 02.05.06

After Further Review 01.29.06

After Further Review 01.22.06

After Further Review 01.15.06

GOAT Show – Good Old Any Time Show with Jim Magaw

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GOAT Show 02.25.2006 With musical guests the Maudlin Brothers

GOAT Show 02.11.2006 With musical guests the Carolina Catbirds

GOAT Show 02.04.2006 With musical guests Nadine and the Corn Squeezers

GOAT Show 12.03.2005 With the Carolina Chocolate Drops