Board Minutes

PGC/WCOM Board Meeting MINUTES ­ MARCH 9, 2016


Dave Bellin, Karl Blake, Don Emmett, Art Menius, Kevin Shields, Tana Hartman Thorn


February minutes were approved with minor corrections and posted at



The station still needs another engineer or two. Bill McClymont continues to shoulder the load and would like to be relieved as soon as possible.  Anyone interested in becoming an engineer or is willing to chair the Engineering Committee should email Dave at Dave is willing to be interim chair of the committee, but wants a longer term chair found quickly.



A handful of hosts still have no underwriter and/or no signed contract. These folks will be contacted one last time and given 30 days’ notice, after which, if there is still no response, they will dropped from the roster of hosts and their shows removed from the program list.

In the near future, the door code will change. Art will notify everyone who has a completed contract and underwriting of the new code. Others will no longer be able to access the studio.



Ernie reported that the Exemption from Charitable Licensing has been received.


He also reported that WCOM cash reserves have dropped below $2000, one of the lowest levels of the past four years. This. makes the second consecutive year of four­digit losses for the station.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the shortfall is that our underwriting fees are too low to meet budget, even with 100% participation. The Board discussed and voted, therefore, to raise annual underwriting fees from $120 to $144, effective January 1, 2017, which should increase annual income by ~$1200.

Note: If a new or renewing underwriter pays on or before December 31, 2016, the underwriting fee will be $120. If, however, they pay on or after January 1, 2017, the fee will be $144.


Existing committees need, according to bylaws, to have at least two members on each committee, so we need to recruit additional members. We also need to add a Volunteer Recruitment Committee and a Nominating Committee (the latter is mandated in the bylaws). The matter will be discussed further at the April Board meeting.



Art proposed creating one basic and consistently updated document containing all show/hosts information/data.



Proposed changes to the bylaws, which have been postponed for too long, will be considered at the April Board meeting.



Art reported that our next fundraising event will be April 28 at Silverspot Cinema in Chapel Hill. Lee Anne is the lead organizer for this and we need Board members to get involved if it is to succeed.

In June, we are anticipating a Summer Solstice celebration and fundraiser to be held at the Chapel Hilltop Lodge on Pickards Mountain. Again, we need all Board members to be actively involved in making the event a success.



April 13, 2016, at The Carrboro Art Center.


February 10, 2016


Present: Karl Blake, Tana Hartman Thorn, Ernie Hood, Art Menius, Kevin Shields, Don Emmett

January minutes were approved with the corrections.


Art brought the meeting to order and announced that the station needs another capable engineer. Karl will inquire with his colleagues. Bill McClymont has offered to train engineering candidates.

Thanks also to Bill M. we now have excellent broadband. PROGRAMMING

Hostswhohavestillnotsignedthenewcontractmustbenotified.Artwilldraftalettertothosehostsandwill circulate the letter among Board members forfeedback.


Art is moving ahead with DCMA compliance. Sound Exchange has notified WCOM that it must submit its playlists or face penalties. Art will notify us about reporting deadlines/dates. He is negotiating with Spintron around their reporting software. He will include the information in the letter to show hosts, which he will circulate to board members for feedback.



WCOM currently has 2 classes of members: donors and volunteers. The possibility of adding a third class was broached. Since, however, such an addition would necessitate a change to the by-laws, discussion was postponed until the March meeting.


Also to be discussed at the March meeting is recruitment of volunteers. Tana has tentatively agreed to serve as the “receiving agent” for new volunteers.



Ernie reported that they WCOM checkbook has a $3000 balance and we have bills in the amount of $1579. He will pay the insurance and Duke Energy bills.

Ernie also reported that the 990 has been filed and the GV spreadsheet sent. DEVELOPMENT

The Hickory Tavern fundraiser is scheduled for November 3 and Lee Anne McClymont is planning a fundraiser at the Silverspot cinema.  The Kraken on Highway 54 West is also interested in hosting a fundraising event.

Other events include a solstice celebration at Pickards Lodge. A sponsorship trade-out has been made with Shakori Hills has been made.

Art reported that the combined funding application was submitted to Carrboro/Orange County. He has also resubmitted the exemption from charitable solicitation license application.




Tana asked if the station has a protocol or template for submitting an internship proposal to the UNC-CH School of Journalism. She will contact them about this.



January 13,2016

Present: Art Menius, Dave Bellin, Tana Hartman Thorn, Karl Blake, Ernie Hood, Don Emmett, Tommy Sykes, Kevin Shields


Meeting was called to order by President Art Menius


The Board elected Don Emmett to fill the empty seat on the Board by acclimation.


Committees:Engineering – Tommy Sikes; 

Programming – Dave Bellin, lKarl Blake, Kevin Shields; Development – Art Menius, Bill Hendrickson, Ernie Hood, Kevin Shields, Lee Anne McClymont.


Dave reported that The Art Center renewed our lease for 4 years at $675/mo (3% per annum increase) as of January 1, 2016. Either party may terminate with 4 months  written notice. The board voted to approve.


Art announced three fundraisers for 2016, one of which will be at Hickory Tavern. Other possible venues include Silverspot Cinemas and Pickards Mtn.


Art is also working on a grant application for Stowd Roses.


Don has agreed to pilot the “shameless commerce” undertaking for WCOM (possibly logo T-shirts).


Dave will remove the current PSA (?).


Art will send a corrected budget to the Board via email.


Tommy will check studio cables weekly and Dave will instruct DJs to check cables before each show and immediately report any problems to the Programming Committee.


Art wiII create a template of GV/AV underwriters along with the shows they want to underwrite.


Board members agreed that meetings shall continue on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00pm. Art will consult The Art Center staff about meeting space for us.


Treasurer Ernie Hood reported he has paid the station’s bills and the “cushion” is sound. He will also send a reminder email to DJs whose underwriting has lapsed.

Dave reported the Google groups list has been cleaned up by Art and himself. He also reported that DJs are being asked to update their contracts digitally. After all the DJ contracts have been signed, the studio door code will be changed.


Board members agreed that a volunteer, if one can be found, might be asked to create content for the website. Art will check with WordPress expert about a Content Management System that would serve our needs.



No DJ interviews are scheduled until February. Henceforth, all interviews will be handled by the Programming Committee, now comprised of Dave, Karl, and Kevin