Fork vs Spoon

Fork vs Spoon is a weekly radio/podcast show on WCOM that will go behind the scenes of the Carrboro, Chapel Hill hospitality industry, Sundays 12-1pm.
conducting interviews with Owners, Chiefs, bartenders, and wait staff, Getting the inside scoop on what it takes to run a restaurant, and other hospitality industry businesses.
chatting about culinary specialties, cocktails, and the history of small business in the area.

Host Michael Benson has over 30 years of hospitality experience ( currently building his fourth restaurant in Chapel Hill ), and has been a radio host at various local radio stations.

Co-Hosts Carrie Brogen ( President of Chapel Hill/Carrboro Foodies, Mandey Brown ( owner of Imbibe restaurant ), and Stephen Murtaugh ( GM of Oak Leaf restaurant ).

The show will also have rotating and invited guest co-hosts from the interested hospitality businesses in the area.

This will be a lively, fun, and interesting program with it’s focus on the Carrboro, Chapel Hill hospitality industry, which can be heard locally at 103.5FM and streaming worldwide at, tunein radio, and other streaming services. Join in on the conversation.

Snarky Faith

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The Batchelor Pad

The Batchelor News Radio Show focuses on issues ranging from sports and politics to race, society, and religion. During each hour of the two-hour timeslot, up to four guests — who may include professional athletes, politicians, White House correspondents, and religious leaders — address a different topic. “We want to enlighten, educate, and empower people. We want people to know what’s going on in everyday life,” says L.A. Batchelor. “I have my own personal beliefs — and sometimes I’ll put them out there. But I’m about getting the information out and making people ponder and think.” The Batchelor Pad Show also airs at 900/1250 ESPN radio in New Hampshire and WHBO in Tampa, Florida.

DJ/Host Bio: Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, L.A. Batchelor has lived in North Carolina off and on since 1998 and he’s been in radio for 20-plus years. He’s worked at urban R&B, jazz, rock, country, jazz, hip hop, gospel, quiet storm — and he’s done it during morning drive, mid-day, afternoon, evening, and overnight. “I’ve been all over the place,” says Batchelor. “It’s been a blessing. I love radio — it’s in my blood.”

Get With The Program !

“Get With The Program” Radio Talk Show – Host Gary Jones, BA, MBA, Information Connector/CEO  – Information Connector

Vince Lombardi said:  “Leaders aren’t born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.”  More information at:



Insight Out

Each week on Insight Out, we get to know someone in our community who is making a real difference. Local heroes and heroines share their memories, dreams, reflections and aspirations. Join host Tana Hartman Thorn as she discovers the architects of a better world, one person at a time. Listen to 103.5 FM to hear fascinating stories from the grassroots or our community.

Tana is Treasurer for Balance & Accuracy in Journalism (BAJ), a member of the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) and Veterans for Peace (VfP). She completed her Masters and Ph.D. coursework in History at Duke. Her work background includes clerking for former governor of California, Ronald Reagan, traveling Europe as a stage actor and director, and working for UNC Chapel Hill as an Academic Administrator. Her passion is advocating for democracy and environmental, economic and social justice and sustainability on behalf of future generations.

Change will come, one way or another. We must each do what we can to ensure that the change is constructive. The planet and future generations depend on our acting now to stop the destruction.

If not we, then who? If not now, then when? Contact the host:

Madison Ward Show

The Madison Ward Show is an interview and talk show discovering and exploring people in the Chapel Hill and Carrboro community who enact and ignite change. Covering a range of topics from student life at UNC to local activists, political thought, and community-driven art and music, The Madison Ward Show inspires community engagement and highlights regional achievements.

Madison Ward is a studdent at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in Media and Journalism. She has a strong passion for radio broadcasting and believes in the power of local news and its ability to unite and inform a community.

To learn more about upcoming shows, for information about how to be featured, or to nominate an outstanding community member to be on the show, email or follow @themadisonwardshow on Instagram. Be sure to tune in!

Seeking Justice

The “Seeking Justice” LIVE Radio Talk Show with Mary Hope, Professor of Peace & Conflict Studies examines current issues of conflict from multiple perspectives. The objective of the show is to transcend “right” and “wrong” opinions to more deeply understand the underlying reasons (both sides have) that drive their perspectives.

The goal is to educate the listening public with respectful ways to talk about issues that two sides disagree on.   The conversation is structured to examine the specific issues that individuals disagree on respectfully.

The hope is that this show will reveal to listeners that people can disagree politically, but still care about each other and respect the underlying reasons for different perspectives. When each side thoroughly open its mind to the other perspective without negative judgment or the need to be “right” and the other side “wrong” –  moments of transformation and later transcendence can happen.

Contact the host: <>