Concert at the KRAKEN – Fundraiser for WCOM Friday Oct 12

The Kraken to Host Fundraiser for WCOM Community Radio on October 12

Join WCOM at The Kraken on October 12CARRBORO: The Kraken, “Chapel Hill’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Roadhouse,” will host a benefit concert event for community radio station WCOM on Friday, October 12, starting at 7PM.

Five outstanding musical acts, including former members of Jennyanykind, Southern Culture on the Skids, Arrogance, and the Veldt, have committed to perform. Too Much Fun has been delighting Triangle audiences with its unique style of rootsy, rocking, rhythm and blues for 25 years. Southern Culture on the Skids co-founder and Americana and country veteran Stan Lewis will be joined by two members of Johnathan Byrd’s band. Guitar standout Rod Abernethy, the former Arrogance member who has scored more than 70 video games, released a career double album early this year. Mark Holland, a major figure for 25 years since debuting with Jennyanykind, fronts The Dark Ways, a blues rock duo. From Durham, pianist and songwriter Karen Novy, completing her fourth album. delivers soulful Americana music. Additional artists may be announced.

All donations will benefit WCOM, your all-volunteer non-profit community radio station. The Kraken is located five miles west of Carrboro at the intersection of NC 54 and Dobson’s Crossroads Road. For more information about the Kraken and for WCOM-FM 103.5

WCOM loses James Coley, host of “Ethics Matters” & “Radio Free Association”

James Coley, long time host on WCOM, had a heart attack at his desk at UNC and died earlier this week.  The NC Ethical Humanist Society held a memorial for him on Sunday, July 22 2018. 


Mr. Coley was a past president of the NC Ethical Humanist Society, as well as a wonderfully friendly curmudgeon.  Many at WCOM had serious debates with him, as well as a few less so.  The humanists facebook page posted a note on his passing and you may find information there:        or perhaps on the website
During his show time in the station July 5, 2018 (Thursday 6-6:30pm) we did a brief memorial to him (myself, Bluesman Marc Lee, and former jazz host Solomon Gibson III). James would have appreciated the songs we played, as a hard line atheist:
    -John Lennon’s “Imagine” and “God”, and
    -“Mean Church People” by MSG: ).


I am a metaphysical naturalist, empiricist and scientific realist, with an epistemology that blends elements of foundationalism and coherentism. Circular chains of epistemic justification are allowed as long as they pass through a quasi-foundation of beliefs there is no good reason to doubt.

My view on free will I call firm determinism. There are conflicting ordinary language concepts of free will; my Control Theory of Freedom offers autonomous control as a successor. There are variations of the concept, and most but not all of them are incompatible with determinism.

In ethics, I have a prescriptivist view. There are no objective values, but that is no reason for me not to act on my Humanist value system. I believe in reason, but it is only instrumental with respect to a value system.

I am an atheist. There is no purpose for human life ordained by the Universe, evolution or anything else. We give life significance and purpose through our values, and most importantly our actions. The way to find meaning in life is to find meaningful things to do — and then do them