Chapel Hill & Carrboro’s Community Radio Station

WCOM is a community radio station with a studio in downtown Carrboro, North Carolina, broadcasting a 100-watt signal from an antenna at Scroggs Elementary School in Southern Village in Chapel Hill on 103.5 FM. WCOM was the first low-power FM community radio station in the area to be set up under a program established by the Federal Communications Commission in 2000 to license “LPFM” (Low Power FM) stations. Low-power FM is grassroots radio – an effort to counterbalance the increasing concentration of radio ownership by a few large corporations. Read more about Our History

Why we hope WCOM will become important to you

WCOM is a different kind of radio. When you tune in to WCOM you will hear our community, our people, environment, events, music, and attitude. These are the stars of WCOM programs. WCOM is a place where people gather to listen to good music or to find out about local news. It’s a place to learn about the world, laugh, meet good neighbors, and share ideas. Community volunteers add depth and sparkle to WCOM. The voices you hear on the air belong to real people making radio that is live, immediate, and interactive. WCOM’s volunteers love the medium of radio and care about the people who live here.

Our Mission

Created in 1997 to produce the largest public art event in Carrboro, the Public Gallery of Carrboro uses community media and the arts to educate, inspire, and entertain the diverse populations of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and nearby areas.   To achieve its mission The Public Gallery of Carrboro operates WCOM-LP, a community radio station, which educates citizens in media production and provides the needed facilities, entertains local residents with music and talk programming not available in mainstream media, cultivates local arts and music, and facilitates the exchange of cultural and intellectual ideas with particular regard for local residents who are overlooked or under-represented in the access to media.

Become a part of WCOM

WCOM invites you to become a member or to volunteer. We hope that you will enjoy what you hear and find it useful and significant in your life. Please contact us with your suggestions and comments.