After 17+ glorious years on WCOM-LP, The Flying Winnebago Show will air its final broadcast on Wednesday, June 7, from 9-11pm EST.

Known for playing an eclectic mix of rock, alternative, world music, and musical oddities from every dark corner of the universe, The Flying Winnebago has been a staple of our humble station since almost the beginning. Having survived several location changes, a few time slot adjustments, and innumerable turntable malfunctions, the Flying Winnebago has been a portrait of perseverance and dedication to community radio, and to the broader Carrboro and Chapel Hill community. He will be missed!

The Flying Winnebago offered a few final words before departing; “I have been with WCOM for 17+ years and it has been a privilege and honor to be associated with this great station. I love being a radio DJ and sharing music with people from all over the country and world. I will miss WCOM dearly, ya’ll have been very good to me. Thank you WCOM! Will never forget you.”

Beginning June 15, the Dance Megamix with Don Play will move up two hours to the time slot formerly occupied by the Flying Winnebago — 9pm-11pm EST.

On behalf of the entire station, we wish the Flying Winnebago a beautiful next chapter in that beautiful parking lot in the sky.