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Focus on Business began airing in 2013 on WCOM-FM and has featured local, regional and national guests talking about the things that impact businesses, whether on Main Street or Wall Street. The growing popularity and visibility of the show and its host Lea Strickland have generated broad interest in being a show guest.

Guests and listeners have been providing positive feedback on what the show has been doing to increase the visibility of their organizations, the Town of Carrboro, and WCOM. With a mix of hot topics including the impact of current changes in regulations impacting businesses including overtime rules and minimum wage laws, to the efforts to get a balance budget amendment to the US Constitution through grassroots efforts, as well as profiles of successful entrepreneurs and non-profit initiatives, Focus on Business is having a positive impact on the business community.

Lea Strickland, the creator and host of Focus on Business, is an author, columnist, entrepreneur and small business owner. She has published six books and over 800 articles on business issues that have appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine,,,, Sales & Service Excellence, =, Small Business Technology Magazine, and more. Lea is a frequent speaker on how to start and grow businesses, and on how leadership plays a role in the culture and success of organizations.

Lea’s extensive background in working with businesses large and small and as an entrepreneur enables her to create a strong connection with both her guests and her audience, providing valuable lessons on building, maintaining and strengthening businesses. Upcoming guests and show topics include Nick Dranias with Compact for America, who will discuss the Balanced Budget Amendment grassroots campaign. Future shows will also focus on increasing government regulations including overtime and minimum wage changes; chats with nationally recognized authors; and spotlights on local businesses and non-profits.

To be a guest or recommend a business success story to profile,click on the Be My Guest. To listen to past episodes, download the WCOM podcasts for Focus on Business or click Listen/Watch Focus on Business on Lea’s website.

Focus on Business is underwritten by Close HR Connections ( and F.O.C.U.S. Resources.


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