May Board Meeting Highlights

Public Gallery of Carrboro Board of Directors Meeting Highlights for May 11 2016

Save the Date for Monday, June 20! We will hold a WCOM Family Solstice Celebration on Pickards Mountain. This will not be a fundraiser. There will be no admission charge, although there will be some sort of advance signup. It will be a party for WCOM members with live music by Tony Williamson. We’ll have more details very soon.

Donald (DJ Smooth Jazz) Brumfield attended the board meeting as any member may. He became our hero by stepping forward to agree to become a badly needed Simian operator. We still need a couple more so that someone trained will always available when we have automation problems. We also badly need someone willing to fill the vacant Engineering Committee chair. These are outstanding opportunities to contribute to your community radio station.

Another Donald also stepped up. Don Emmitt will get new station t-shirts fabricated for WCOM. These should be ready by the June 20 celebration.

The Silverspot fundraiser netted $756. In combination with the terrific efforts by y’all on underwriting this spring, our financial situation has rebounded from less than $2000 in early April to $3800 just five weeks later. Our new cash flow projections for the rest of 2016 look promising. We decided, therefore, to establish and deposit $200 monthly to a savings or money market account in order to build a reserve fund for the change of studio that will no doubt happen someday as well as unanticipated expenses.


In other action: The board will hold a long range planning session in time to present the results to the membership at the Annual Meeting in October. A new process for substitute hosts will set up for a trial in the next couple of weeks. Spintron music reporting for compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act will return for this quarter on June 17-20.

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