Staff Documents

Public Gallery of Carrboro Board of Directors:

Art Menius (2016-2018), Chair (2016)

Ernie Hood, (2014-2017), Treasurer (2016)

Tana Hartman (2014-2016), Secretary (2016)

Karl Blake, (2015-2017) Member

Kevin Shields (2016-2018), Member

Don Emmett (2016-2018), Member

Donald Brumfield (2016-2018) Member

Dave Bellin, ex officio Programming Committee Chair

The Board usually meets second Wednesdays of each month at 4PM except for July

Founding Members:

Ruffin Slater

Jacques Menache

Peg Nolan


WCOM Committee Chairs:

Bill Hendrickson Development (Members Bill Hendrickson, Kevin Shields, Lee Anne McClymont, Ernie Hood, Tana Hartman, Rob Westerman, Lea Strickland, Art Menius)

Donald Brumfield Engineering (Donald Brunfield, Dave Bellin, Bill McClymont, Jim Dennis, Tommy Sykes)

David Bellin Programming (Karl Blake, Kevin Shields)

TBD: Board Development (Tana Hartman, Don Emmett, Marc Lee, Brian Bryant)

TBD: Volunteer Recruitment (Tana Hartman, Don Emmett, Becky Johnson)


Advice for podcasting


How to Set Up Your Spinitron Account


Indecency/Profanity Quiz


Underwriter documents

(revised May 2010)


Click here for Bylaws of the Public Gallery of Carrboro as amended April 13, 2016



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