The Heart of Carrboro

What makes a place special? In the end, it’s the people of course. It’s the people that decide how to spend their time and where they will gather. And in Carrboro, it can certainly be argued that Weaver Street Market is the heart of Carrboro.

Carrboro by any assessment is a progressive town and nowhere is it more evident than on a balmy Thursday evening at Weaver Street Market listening to live music. There are always some local characters milling about, or more likely dancing along to the music. There are hula hoopers and children running around the lawn playing or dancing to the music too, often joined by their parents.

Everyone comes to Weaver Street for Live on the Lawn – college students, professionals, families, teenagers, retired folks, aging hippies, yuppies and yippies. If you want to see diversity – come to the market and people watch. You’ll also often hear many languages being spoken – Spanish, French and German are commonly overheard. People from all over the world are drawn to Carrboro and Chapel Hill, not only for the educational and employment opportunities, but also for the quality of life. The music is always enjoyable and Weaver Street Market, like WCOM, is a great promoter of local musicians, but there’s something more at play: It’s the sense of community, the warm ambience and a peaceful feeling that makes these evenings so special.

The fact that these events are free is another hallmark of Carrboro — there are so many quality offerings that are free for the taking. Check out for a more extensive history of Carrboro and for more current events around town. So on any given Thursday evening, come by Weaver Street Market, enjoy a picnic on the lawn and a glass of wine, and come by the WCOM table. We’ll be broadcasting live every Thursday. And remember, even if you can’t come by personally, you can always be in the heart of Carrboro by tuning into WCOM!

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