I got ISSUES, You got ISSUES, We ALL got ISSUES.

This program is designed to educate, inspire and provide resources to people who want to move beyond issues that challenge family life.

Our host, Dr. Glenda Clare, is a behavioral health management consultant with degrees in counselor education and community health education.  She is a licensed behavioral health professional, board certified coach, trainer, author and speaker. She wants listeners to know that we all deal with issues in our life. You are not alone. The first step in forward movement is knowing that it is possible to move beyond the issues in your life.

Our concept is simple. We use a 3+1 formula.

  • Invite expert guests to discuss an issue that impacts the family and it’s members.
  • Each guest will share 3 manageable steps to move forward +1 community resource the listener can use to move beyond family life issues.

You can get information about guests and hear archived shows at www.drglendaclare.com/WAGI