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Fridays 5 PM - 6 PM

Latino high school students in Chapel Hill and Carrboro entertain and inform the community with a Spanish and Spanglish mix of discussion of local and international current events, interviews with experts on youth-oriented topics, and the Spanish-speaking world's favorite tunes. Radio Latijam is the outreach component of Latino Journalism and Media at Carolina (Latijam), which is a project of School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina at Chaple Hill.

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Jóvenes Latinos en las prepas de Chapel Hill y Carrboro brindan entretenimiento e información a la comunidad con discusiones de asuntos locales e internacionales, entrevistas con expertos en temas relevantes para la juventud latina y con su música favorita. Radio Latijam es un programa para jóvenes latinos auspiciado por Latino Journalism and Media at Carolina (Latijam). Latijam es un proyecto de la Escuela de Periodismo y Comunicación de la Univ. de Carolina del Norte-Chapel Hill.


Contact: Prof. Lucila Vargas,


Facebook: Radio Latijam

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