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Placeholder Show
Saturdays 5 to 6pm
Tom Arnel

Life is like a box of chocolates and so is the Placeholder show. Probably one of the most eclectic shows in the area.

The Placeholder show is my first regular show in 23 years. Previously I was a DJ in the early 1980’s at WASU-FM in Boone, North Carolina. Back then I did a weekly jazz show. I’ve been involved with WCOM since its inception back in 2004. Previously I have been a substitute for Berkeley Grimball on The Hook and on Carrboro Live. Currently I work at Davis Library at UNC—Chapel Hill and am also involved in other community related activities.

One of the main reasons for the eclectic nature of the show is the guest DJ’s. One of the main goals of the show is for people in the community to share their music. Guest DJ’s have ranged from local celebrities such as Elizabeth Edwards, UNC Women’s basketball Coach Sylvia Hatchell and Judge Carl Fox, Will McFarlane, Billy Bragg, Anoop Desai, Don Dixon, Southern Culture on the Skids to my own friends. Themes have ranged from music about trains to a show of barbershop music. In fact YOU can be a guest DJ on the show. Just contact me at:

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