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10 PM - Midnight Tuesdays
Famous Jonny Mambo
Famous Jonny Mambo grew up in Detroit, Michigan and was heavily influenced by the amazing musical scene that has thrived in that tough environment in the face of numerous economic woes, horrible weather, and numerous fatty foods.. Touched one night by a Mojo spirit whose happy smiling face glowed in the moonlight, while spraying graffiti in a back-alley, Famous Johnny realized that his calling in life was to be part of the effort to help save radio from the pits of despair, numbing dullness, and overall ill-repute. Famous Johnny knows that real people are far more intelligent and creative than commerical radio programmers would like to believe.

Description of show:

This has been a surprisingly difficult question to answer as it requires verbally labelling something that is not static, defies quantification, is perpetually evolving, is so high you can't get over it, so low you can't get under it, and so wide you can't get around (sort of like that Psychedelic Shack song that The Temptations played when Motown went psychedlic-1967?).

I have tried using the terms "Pop Casserole Swirls" to describe the music that I play (which to my way of thinking is an apt description), however these terms, understandably, lead to exponential forms of confusion for some. At this time, I would best say that I play eclectic (eclectic is too flat of a word-does someone have a better word?) forms of imaginative pop that are held together by a funky-syncopated- form-of-mojo-cohesion that emanate(s?) both from the heart of my soul and my inner-tuchas. I know this answer is insufficient but it's the best I got, right now. If you can help me to define this better, please do so.

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