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L A Batchelor

The Batchelor Pad Show

Show Time:Monday, 6–8 p.m.

DJ/Host: L.A. Batchelor

On The Air:

The Batchelor Pad Show focuses on issues ranging from sports and politics to race, society, and religion. During each hour of the two-hour timeslot, up to four guests — who may include professional athletes, politicians, White House correspondents, and religious leaders — address a different topic. “We want to enlighten, educate, and empower people. We want people to know what’s going on in everyday life,” says L.A. Batchelor. “I have my own personal beliefs — and sometimes I’ll put them out there. But I’m about getting the information out and making people ponder and think.” The Batchelor Pad Show also airs at 900/1250 ESPN radio in New Hampshire and WHBO in Tampa, Florida.

DJ/Host Bio: Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, L.A. Batchelor has lived in North Carolina off and on since 1998 and he’s been in radio for 20-plus years. He’s worked at urban R&B, jazz, rock, country, jazz, hip hop, gospel, quiet storm — and he’s done it during morning drive, mid-day, afternoon, evening, and overnight. “I’ve been all over the place,” says Batchelor. “It’s been a blessing. I love radio — it’s in my blood.”

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The Batchelor Pad Show, airing every Monday from 6pm to 8pm EST

Mission :To educate,  empower and enlighten the masses on topics of sports, politics,  racial issues, social issues with news updates and music in between. On our show their is no spin just real talk about the real issues. We have athletes on,  political correspondents, advocates for justice,  writers,  authors and others.

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You can also listen to the show live every Tuesday night from 6pm-8pm Est at or call and listen at 646-929-0130

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